Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Problems

The ground water from the storm made its way into this home, and the carpeting was saturated and became non-salvageable. The pooling water was quickly suctioned... READ MORE

Storm, Water, and Moisture in a Commercial Building

The storm water dumped sufficient liquid on the tile floor of this building to require our services for a safe and secure extraction and restoration. The first ... READ MORE

Storm Damage

Storm damage struck business facility when a line of thunderstorms packing high winds tore portions of the roof from the building allowing a lot of rainwater to... READ MORE

Fallen Tree

This damage is a result of a tree falling on a home . SERVPRO was called in to examine the damage and then repair the damage. The storm damage was very serve, S... READ MORE

Fire Storm Damage

This the result of a large fire storm. The fire storm caused a lot of damage throughout. This log cabin rental business, SERVPRO was able to repair many of the... READ MORE

Community Center Receives Storm Damage Help from SERVPRO

Contaminated stormwater can carry pathogens, fecal matter, chemicals, pesticides, and even water brought in from the Lake, with maybe a few dead fish. Not pleas... READ MORE

Help With Storm Aftermath

.The first one is a closet that was affected by standing water by the time we arrived the water receded but tear out still needed to be done. The other pictur... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in ceiling

This local home experienced serious water damage after a pipe burst in the ceiling. SERVPRO has the expertise and equipment to mitigate residential water los... READ MORE

Flood Waters Pour In

The storms roll in and the creeks begin to fill with water. In this case the rain was very heavy that day. A small creek beside the home overflowed causing this... READ MORE

The water that shouldn’t be there

Storms can cause water to come into anywhere and when it rains hard or long enough it can even over flow a sewage system. Here is a before and after photo. You ... READ MORE


SERVPRO does work on all types of damages. Anything from a Forty story high rise or your small cozy apartment. We get everything looking back to how it looked o... READ MORE

Home in DC

Due to storm rains, storm drains over powered neighborhoods causing them to overflow in some local homes. These homes had their flooring and in some cases the d... READ MORE