Commercial Photo Gallery


Sometimes water damages occur in the most inconvenient of places, for example a warehouse. These type of jobs need to done quickly and efficiently in order to ensure there is no further damage to the contents and that the company get back to work quickly. 

Sometimes baseboards get in the way

When there is standing water in any area of a house or commercial site, there is risk of the baseboards getting saturated. Once baseboards are saturated, it becomes more difficult to dry the walls and the studs behind them. At that point we remove baseboards and dry directly in that area. That was the case at this commercial site.

Commercial Water Damage

We don’t think about what causes a water damage until we have one. This commercial site unexpectedly got a water damage and it was all caused by this pipe that froze overnight. Our team was called and we extracted, cleaned and sanitized. This site is now looks like nothing ever happened.

ERP is a solution.

If a commercial site has an ERP, or the Emergency READY Profile, with our franchise, we are one of the first calls made when a disaster hits. We were the first call to this commercial site. Because they had an ERP done, we knew exactly where everything was and who were the ones in charge. 

Fire in the Church!

As we know, fires can start from anything, but they mostly start in the kitchen. This church had a fire that started in the kitchen and it affected the whole property. We restored what was damaged by fire and cleaned the air ducts to remove the smoke odor. 

Water Damage From A Major Storm

This two-story home flooded from a major storm. This photos shows just one room affected. Luckily the tile flooring did not need to be. The majority of our demolition was drywall cuts. 

On the Job

A local resturant called the SERVPRO   Professionals to come in and look at the hardwood flooring in the dining room of their restuarant after a fire to ensure there was no moisture left behind.

Drying is a Science!?

Did you know there is actually a science behind the process of drying? The knowledge of psychrometrics is essential to restoring a water-damaged structure to its preloss condition, and SERVPRO® is an industry leader in the science of drying. 


Flooding in this warehouse caused damage to the furniture, but we were able to clean the floors after extracting the water. We easily extracted the water that was left and scrubbed the floors.

Big Commercial Loss

After a major water loss the ceiling buckled from the water and the weight. It affected a few floors but SERVPRO was able to fix the building back to its normal state.

Commercial Loss

An office building had a minor water loss. This caused a conference room to have water held in the bottom part of the walls. This made the walls weak and the base had to be replaced along with carpeting.    

Commercial Loss

After a large flood this warehouse was filled with water. We were able to extract the water and clean the floors. You can see the levels of the water on the boxes.