Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Faster to Any Size Disaster

When there is a storm, like the Floods in 2019, we call to all the storm teams available in the country to come help. Our franchise has a storm team in place and we were called out to help . Our process included demoing, setting air movers and pack outs

Hail storm damage

After picture when the ceiling had been removed and the studs dried.

Hail storm damage

A severe hail storm caused significant water damage to this kitchen ceiling.

Due to the extent of the damage the ceiling had to be removed.

Mold Chamber

It is protocol to secure the area where mold is present to prevent it from joining the air and spreading around the rest of the house. This is what a chamber looks like and only certified mold specialist are allowed to enter. 

Mold Grows Quickly

It is as simple as a small drip drop coming from a small crack in the ceiling. Or a small leak coming from the back of the refrigerator, mold can grow where there is moisture present. It takes 48 hours after for mold to be present. When mold is present in your home, call us, SERVPRO.

Shower Mold

Mold in bathrooms is a common problem in almost every home. Darkness combined with excessive moisture provides the perfect conditions for consistent mold growth. If you are consistently experiencing mold in your bathroom, regardless of how often you clean, then you may have a larger, hidden growth problem

A great example of SERVPRO Cleaning Products

Here is just a sample of how well the cleaning products from SERVPRO can clean a heavily damaged home due to fire and smoke. Learn more about fire damage by visiting our fire page

Bathroom Supply Line Leak

You would not have guessed that this bathroom was absolutely gutted because of a leak in the supply line. The new sink and flooring look amazing after the damage it had earlier this week.

Flooded with Mud

Stairs were flooded as well

Mold Remediation

T-Mobile called SERVPRO of Hollywood to remediate mold found hidden within the walls. 

Fire Loss

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire when SERVPRO arrived on site. There was a significant amount of ashes that affected the counter tops as well as the customer's personal contents. 

Mold Remediation

This is the result of moisture within walls that goes untreated, which leads to mold growth. The customer's in this Glendale home were very pleased with SERVPRO's professional expertise in mold remediation. 

Mold Remediation

This picture of a residence  shows visible mold growth on a wall. The homeowners were very concerned with the effects it could have on their health. However, the highly trained professionals at SERVPRO was able to safely & effectively remediate the mold. 

Water Damage

This is a picture of a moisture reader clearly showing the high levels of moisture being detected in the flooring. Notice also that there is standing water present. SERVPRO completed the water mitigation.