Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage

Water damage occurred a medical office building when several sections of the roof were torn away during a horrendous thunderstorm. A tremendous amount of rainwa... READ MORE

Condo Water Loss

The ruptured line was quickly found and shut off, but not before some water collected on the concrete pad and the wall panels. When water wicks into the storage... READ MORE

Water Damage In Bloomingdale

We can help when your home suffers water damage. Our water damage experts are standing by 24/7 to respond to your call. Our technicians will begin the water da... READ MORE

Pipe Burst

This home suffered a broken pipe in the attic due to the hard freeze. The water traveled throughout the house damaging the laminate the flooring, drywall, and p... READ MORE

Water Damaged homeWater Damaged home

This home suffered a water damage due to broken toilet supply line. When the homeowner arrived at home after work she came home to saturated carpets that ran th... READ MORE

Heavy Water Damage to Carpet

SERVPRO was called out to this house that had suffered a sewer water backup late one evening. Our crews arrived and begin the mitigation process to help restore... READ MORE

Basement is Flooded

Call SERVPRO for Flooded Basements A flooded basement is a common call for SERVPRO. Sometimes a basement with an outdoor entrance will have a drain that will no... READ MORE

Storm causes boat damage

No one is posting pictures of there boat covered in mold, or under 6" of water in the hull, but it happens. Our expert technicians are able to clean and remedia... READ MORE

Water Damage in Basement

While the homeowners were away, 90% of the basement flooring was covered with water from a crack in their boiler. Even though this is considered clean water, th... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bathroom

Do you know anybody that leaves New England in the winter to spend their time in warmer weather? As much as we might envy those who can run away from the cold a... READ MORE

Bathroom Had Water Damage

SERVPRO of Washington, DC was called into this home to help with water extraction after a sink overflowed excessively onto the bathroom floor. We are water dama... READ MORE

Sewage Loss

Sewer backups should be considered an emergency since the water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that cause serious illnesses. SERVPRO Franchis... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen

Flood damage caused a great deal of water lines, mold and mildew throughout the kitchen. SERVPRO arrived within an hour of receiving the phone call from the hom... READ MORE

Flood affected Classroom

Flood damage caused a great deal of water lines, muddy layers of dirt and grime in this classroom. SERVPRO arrived with our highly trained technicians and quic... READ MORE

School Flood

Flood water created a muddy environment in all sections of the School. SERVPRO was asked to come and help clean up a school's classrooms, hallways and cubby are... READ MORE